• Stationary Appetizers

    • Artichoke dip

      With artisan breads and fresh vegetables

    • Pulled pork sliders

      Served on French bread toast points

    • Sweet and sour meatballs

    • Passed Appetizers

    • Bruchetta

      With fresh Mozzarella cheese and basil

    • Mini Crab cakes

      With wasabi aioli

    • Salad

    • Fresh Dinner Rolls

      Locally baked wheat and white dinner rolls served in baskets with sweet butter.

    • Salad

      Consisting of Amee Farm wild greens grown right here in Pittsfield, topped with craisins, cherry tomatoes , goat cheese and maple balsamic dressing.

    • Entrées

    • Apple Stuffed chicken breast

      Served with a light Marsala pan sauce

    • Broccoli florets

      Tossed with sautéed sautéed Spanish onions and fresh herbs

    • Butternut Raviolis

      Served with a pumpkin cream sauce

    • Fresh Asparagus spears

      Seasoned with lemon and dill

    • Garlic mashed potatoes with sweet butter

    • Oven Roasted Choice Prime Rib

      Served with a burgundy A’jus

    • Coffee and Tea Station

    • <!---Coffee & Tea--->

      Served with cream / sugar and sweet and low